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November 20, 2012
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The following days you had no luck getting Natalie to join you for a coffee during lunch; she always made up some excuse or lie to avoid it. Your inability to convince her annoyed you to no ends, but you had no other options – aside from beating the information out of her – than to attempt to get her to trust you. At first you thought you were coming off wrong with your stone-like attitude but even when you change yourself to being happy and cheery you did not avail. You spent nights sitting up late petting Iron Mew in hopes that some idea would come to you but in the end you ended up spilling water on you, the cat, and the couch in frustration.
“Ugh, why can’t I just make friends like normal people?!” You growled, but then you realized something… What if she knew things about you nobody else does? What if she’s some kind of secret agent who came to observe you?! Okay, the last part had the least probability but the first was more than likely to occur. Although now that you thought of it only very few people know about you and what is in you so she’d have to have some line of informants to have been able to tell her.
This theory rose the question of how much does she could possibly know about you; does she know that you have been harboring some alien god trying to take over the world? You started to feel paranoid, dabbing away with a towel at the wet spots on you and the couch, you felt as though your every move was being watched. What would happen if you showed some knowledge of this in your body language? Would whoever is watching come and kidnap you then erase your memories?! You knew you were over reacting but you couldn’t help it; this was serious business and all you could do was act natural, no matter how uncomfortable you felt.
Sighing you laid out the towel on the damp spots and sat on the other end of the couch, turning on the T.V. in hopes that its udder nonsense would drain away your paranoia before you went to bed.

You were cursed by a daunting dream of stone walls, cold floors and complete darkness. You had no idea where you were and it scared you. You had no light to follow, had no way to expect what stone step or pit that you stepped into. You felt weak and vulnerable. This dream had no ending; just you and the darkness. You knew you had to move forward, but something was holding you back. Was it the looming darkness ahead of you? Or what lays in wait beyond the darkness? You couldn’t handle the possibilities but you did what you could to sit and wait out the dream.
Your breaths came out heavy, filling the air around you with a rhythmic sound of you inhaling and exhaling. Concentrating on your breaths you closed your eyes, willing away the darkness, and keeping yourself sane. Have you really ever been sane? What if this whole time, your whole life, has been nothing but the figment of some mental ailment? It was impossible, but seemed too likely.
Standing on your feet, leaning against the stone wall you stare straight at the dark void before you. If this dream isn’t going to end, you thought with anger and determination, then I will end it myself. Holding your right arm in front you of you concentrated on it and the matter it was composed of. You were going to reshape it, and use it to wake you with pain. Over the months of having your new powers you have realized that the flesh materials that you’ve been able to manipulate were nothing more than decomposed matter hanging in the air, waiting for you to will it into a new form. If that was possible then who’s to say you couldn’t do the same to the matter your body provided you yourself?
A jerk of your arms muscles and a rickety deep in the hollows of your bones sent a numbing pain through your brain. Your blood could be felt thickly pumping through your body, making your limbs feel heavier than ever. You felt yourself slowly sliding down the wall you had braced yourself again, this single movement sending a churning crack to echo along the walls and a fierce pain erupted amongst the numbness. The cause of this was from your bones; the readjustment cause your bones to morph too quickly together mid-composition which caused them to break. Gasping from the pain you tried to morph your arm again but your mind began to distort and made you feel as though you were falling apart… before the darkness took over your mind.
Whoa-ho did I ever get distracted writing this o.o I was planning on having the reader manage to get Natalie to go for coffee with her... but that apparently isn't what my mind wants... .3. oh well, I said I would have this up today so enjoy~

First: [link] | Backwards: [link] | Forwards: [x]
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